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Agri-food system and the challenges that COVID-19 brings Series

9th. Edition
9th. Edition - Municipalities and their role in food security and nutrition during times of crisis: learning from the COVID-19 pandemic
8th. Edition
8th. Edition - Differential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women and its connection to the pillars of the agrifood system
7th. Edition
7th. Edition - Trade facilitation policies and measures in Latin America and the Caribbean in response to COVID-19
6th. Edition
6th. Edition - Characteristics and determining factors of consumer food preferences in Latin America and the Caribbean: COVID-19 challenges
5th. Edition
5th. Edition - The role of wholesale markets in the pandemic: challenges and opportunities
4th. Edition
4th. Edition - Traditional food supply channels in a pandemic: suggestions for their modernisation
3rd. Edition
3rd. Edition - COVID-19 and the food phenomena
2nd. Edition
2nd. Edition - Contribution of public and private supply establishments to food access and the functioning
1st. Edition
1st. Edition - Food e-commerce: situation and perspectives

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