Animal health

Global consultation on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI)

Hybrid Event, 02/05/2023 - 04/05/2023

Considering the alarming spread of HPAI and the evolution of avian influenza in wild birds there is a need to review the latest science and evidence on the disease, through a global consultation of invited experts in the field of Avian Influenza. This consultation meeting on avian and zoonotic HPAI (H5 subtype), will bring together the global community to share the latest scientific findings and knowledge to support development and implementation of disease prevention and control strategies and policies, and contribute to global efforts towards reducing the burden of diseases in poultry, wild birds and the pandemic risk. The meeting is being organized by FAO with the experts from the WOAH-FAO global network of expertise on animal influenza (OFFLU). 

Specific Objectives of the meetings

  • Summarize the latest changes/current knowledge in the epidemiology/ecology and evolution of AI in poultry and wild birds.
  • Based on latest knowledge, discuss approaches for HPAI surveillance and laboratory diagnosis– new approaches and challenges.
  • Provide technical guidance and recommendations to inform the HPAI prevention and control efforts.
  • Discuss the latest evidence on the pandemic potential of circulating AI strains globally and implications for control.
  • Provide information on which to build the next iteration of the joint FAO-WOAH HPAI Global Control Strategy 

Expected outputs

  • Current changes and gaps in the epidemiological knowledge of HPAI virus in poultry and ecology of HPAI virus in wild birds, and the interrelation ship between ecology and epidemiology.
  • Approaches for HPAI surveillance, laboratory diagnosis, and applications for disease control outlined for different objectives.
  • Recommendations for prevention and control of HPAI for different production systems and sectors summarized.
  • Pandemic potential of the current HPAI viruses discussed and summarized.
  • Key recommendations identified for the revision of the joint FAO-WOAH HPAI Global Control Strategy.