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Mapping the wild: assessing African swine fever risk in Balkans’ hunting grounds

Progressive Management Pathway for Terrestrial Animal Biosecurity (PMP-TAB) | Webinar series | Episode 13

Virtual Event, 24/06/2024

FAO is conducting a series of knowledge-rich webinars on a monthly basis as part of the Progressive Management Pathway for Terrestrial Animal Biosecurity (PMP-TAB) Community of Practice. These webinars cover a host of topics related to the progressive improvement of terrestrial animal biosecurity, involving speakers and participants from multiple disciplines and backgrounds.

The upcoming webinar will discuss African swine fever (ASF), which poses a significant challenge to Europe's pig production sector, particularly due to its sustained presence in wild boar populations. Hunters play a crucial role in preventing, detecting, and controlling ASF in wild boar populations, highlighting the importance of their behavior and adherence to biosecurity standards.

To address this, FAO has developed a novel tool to assess ASF risk in hunting grounds, aiming to guide policymakers in prioritizing mitigation efforts. This tool, informed by expert knowledge elicitation and survey data, enables visualization of ASF risks at various geographic levels, aiding in targeting interventions and disease management efforts. Through early detection and coordinated control measures, stakeholders can work towards containing and eventually eradicating ASF from affected regions.

Mario Orrico, Veterinarian