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FAO realiza Mesa Técnica para la revisión de políticas nacionales asociadas a RAM en la fabricación de piensos medicados, con base en un patrón de referencia

En Santiago de Chile, el análisis se realizó con los Delegados Nacionales de Alimentación Animal de Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay y Uruguay, como parte de la estrategia para fortalecer la gobernanza de la RAM en la fabricación y uso [...]

AMR Codex Texts (ACT) project welcomes national coordinators in Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia and Nepal

The AMR Codex Texts (ACT) project now has national coordinators in Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia and Nepal. Jorge Berrios (Bolivia), Ana Carrizosa (Colombia) and Sakar Shivakoti (Nepal) are veterinarians with extensive experience in health management and inter-institutional coordination. Pisey Oum (Cambodia) brings [...]

ACT project part of One Health approach to combat antimicrobial resistance in foodborne pathogens

Antimicrobial use in food animals allows resistant bacteria and resistance genes to emerge and spread from food animals to humans through the food chain...

One Health event highlights scientific and technical innovations and FAO's key role in their practical application for more resilient agrifood systems

New scientific advances in genomic techniques have the potential to revolutionize the detection of antimicrobial resistance hazards in the environment On 20 October, FAO hosted the hybrid event “Marrying technical progress and knowledge integration for better One Health outcomes in agrifood [...]

AMR Codex Texts (ACT) project in Bolivia and Colombia / coverage on national TV as workshops evaluate progress

Bolivia and Colombia held national workshops to evaluate their progress in the development of national action plans for AMR in the food and agriculture sector...

Bolivia y Colombia aplican herramienta FAO para la gestión progresiva de la RAM

Bajo el Proyecto ACT y utilizando la Herramienta FAO “Vía de Gestión Progresiva para la RAM” (FAO-PMP-RAM), Bolivia y Colombia implementaron talleres nacionales para la evaluación del avance en la implementación de sus Planes de Acción Nacional (PAN) para la [...]

Global Conference underlines Korea’s commitment with FAO in combatting antimicrobial resistance

Codex standards and the AMR Codex Texts (ACT) project were presented at the Second MFDS Global Conference on Foodborne Antimicrobial Resistance [...]

FAO in Ethiopia conducted a hands-on laboratory training on antimicrobial resistance for national, regional animal health, human health, environment and private veterinary laboratories

It is critical to improve laboratory surveillance capacity for AMR through training and mentoring activities to detect AMR accurately and promptly, conduct surveillance for AMR priority pathogens and establish efficient epidemiological AMR surveillance data management. In addition, countries can mitigate the [...]

Multi-sectoral collaboration contributed to halving the sale of antibiotics in the UK livestock industry

New FAO report is published in partnership with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Significant success in tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in food-producing animals can be achieved if the livestock industry takes ownership of the issue and drives [...]

Ensuring Food Security and Food Safety through Farmer Field Schools in the poultry sector in Ghana

Ghana's intensive poultry production system is being expanded to meet the growing demand for animal protein from the rapidly expanding population. It also serves as an economic backbone for many medium and small-scale farmers in the livestock sector and appears [...]

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