Antimicrobial Resistance

Cambodia is stepping up its efforts to tackle antimicrobial resistance through a One Health approach


The Antimicrobial Resistance Multi-Partner Trust Fund (AMR MPTF) supports the Government of Cambodia to enhance governance and coordination mechanisms to address AMR through a One Health approach. The project is implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  

The AMR MPTF focuses on supporting joint and coordinated multi-sectoral actions on AMR at global, regional and country levels. The fund finances catalytical, coordinated policy advice, technical assistance, and capacity-strengthening programmes that the Members have requested from the Quadripartite. 

In Cambodia, the project will also support the establishment of a high-level inter-ministerial coordination committee for AMR (IMCC-AMR) to strengthen the coordination and monitoring of the multi-sectoral action plan for AMR (MSAP) 2019-2023. To achieve this objective, the Government of Cambodia, in partnership with FAO, OIE and WHO, organized a consultative meeting with key stakeholders across the One Health spectrum to collect inputs for shaping the foundation of the IMCC-AMR in October 2021. The meeting outcome was the drafting of a finalized terms of reference of the IMCC-AMR with multi-sectoral contribution for approval. 

A literature review of AMR in the animal health sector in the country and a review of guidance on the prudent use of antimicrobials are also underway. This initiative will enable policymakers to increase the comprehensiveness and quality of the policy dialogue and practice, optimize the use of antimicrobials in critical sectors and improve understanding of AMR risks and response options by targeted groups. 

Cambodia endorsed the MSAP in December 2019. However, the lack of multi-sectoral coordination jeopardized the implementation of the action plan. Therefore, FAO, OIE and WHO have providetheir technical expertise on coordination, antimicrobial stewardship, and effective communications strategies to encourage the initiation and functioning of the intersectoral coordination mechanism.  

About the AMR MPTF 

The AMR MPTF is a mechanism to secure consistent and coordinated development financing to support One Health National Action Plans at global, regional and country levels. The fund has mobilized over USD 26.5 million from Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK Fleming Fund to support countries in their coordination and monitoring of antimicrobials. 

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