Antimicrobial Resistance

AMR Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Platform

The growing global threat of AMR in all countries must be addressed urgently through a coordinated, multi-sectoral, One Health approach in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Therefore, the Quadripartite joined hands to establish a constituency-based AMR Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Platform (AMR Platform) as one of the three global governance structures.

Strengthening a shared global vision

The purpose of the AMR Platform is to bring stakeholders across the human, animal, plant, and environment interface together in order to preserve antimicrobials as lifesaving medicines across all sectors. In particular, the objectives are: 

  • To support and implement a shared global vision, narrative and targeting on AMR.
  • To provide a venue for information sharing and collaboration to reach a common understanding and coordination of activities between the different sectors.
  • To encourage collective engagement in diverse areas by stakeholders with human, animal, and environmental interests to enable a One Health approach.

Facilitated by a coordination team hosted in FAO and part of Quadripartite Joint Secretariat, the AMR Platform will work very closely with the GLG and the IPEA.

Taking action collectively

The AMR Platform will serve as an inclusive international and multi-stakeholder platform at the forefront of strengthening a shared global vision and building more consensus. It will help to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Over 200 members working in cooperation, representing different stakeholder voices (governments, international and intergovernmental organizations, civil society, academia and the private sector) balanced across regions, are taking collective actions to create a movement against AMR.
  • Multidisciplinary actions at global, regional, and national levels are driven through Action Groups working on key issues of multi-sectoral interest and developing action plans.
  • Global momentum and high-level advocacy are generated to tackle AMR. 
  • Shared and enhanced knowledge, evidence, and innovation is underpinning key AMR actions, policy recommendations and guidance.
  • Global commitment to using antimicrobials responsibly and prudently to ensure antimicrobials remain effective.
  • A clear roadmap facilitated by the Quadripartite and the global governance structures to ensure sustainability.

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