Résistance aux antimicrobiens

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Préserver les antimicrobiens pour protéger la santé humaine, animale et environnementale

La résistance aux antimicrobiens apparaît lorsque les bactéries, les virus, les champignons et les parasites ne réagissent plus aux agents antimicrobiens. La résistance aux médicaments rend les antibiotiques et autres agents antimicrobiens inefficaces et les infections deviennent difficiles voire impossibles [...]

Tip 3 on how to fight antimicrobial resistance

Tip 3: Maintain personal hygiene and keep your environment clean. Bacteria can grow resistant in unclean hospitals and farms. Control the spread of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria by washing hands and tools.

Tip 2 on how to fight antimicrobial resistance

Tip 2: Don’t misuse or overuse antimicrobials like antibiotics. Such practices create resistant bacteria. Doctors and veterinarians should provide appropriate prescriptions, which everyone should follow!

Tip 1 on how to fight antimicrobial resistance

Tip 1: Responsibly dispose of unused and unwanted antimicrobials such as antibiotics by taking them to a professional (health or pharmacist). Throwing away antibiotics creates resistant bacteria in pipes, sewers, waterways and seas.

No time to wait - the work of the ad hoc Task Force for Antimicrobial Resistance

The Codex Task Force on Antimicrobial Resistance (TFAMR) has worked to update and broaden the Code of Practice to minimize and contain Antimicrobial Resistance and also to establish Guidelines