Résistance aux antimicrobiens

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La résistance aux antimicrobiens est déjà une réalité. Agissons ensemble pour un monde plus sain.

Every day, people are dying from infections that cannot be treated anymore. And so are animals and plants. Our misuse and overuse of antibiotics and other antimicrobials has led to an increase in microbes that are resistant to the medicines [...]

One Health, the approach to fight against AMR

What happens to animas health has an effect on human health, and the environment affects this situation. FAO's role in the fight against AMR is very important: 75% of antimicrobial is used in the agricultural sector.

Join the fight against AMR!

FAO, PAHO, OIE and the European Union, together with government authorities in the agricultural sector, human health and animal health, are leading the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Let's talk about antibiotics - Informative capsule 1

For centuries, many diseases that have caused death were contained and treated thanks to the discovery of a drug that changed the history of medicine: penicillin. In this series of videos, we tell you about the importance of antibiotics and the [...]

Let's talk about antibiotics - Informative capsule 2

The use of antibiotics, among other antimicrobials, it´s important for animal health and the agri-food systems. What happens if they are used incorrectly?