Antimicrobial Resistance

Publications archive

Antimicrobial movement from agricultural areas to the environment: The missing link. A role for nuclear techniques

This paper will provide alternative screening methods useful for environmental samples and surveillance approaches in planning such screening efforts...

Monitoring and evaluation of the global action plan on antimicrobial resistance: framework and recommended indicators

This framework for Monitoring an evaluation of the GAP aims to be robust and practical—to provide a manageable system that can facilitate the generation, collection and analysis of standardized data to assess the success of the GAP...

Follow-up to the political declaration of the high-level meeting of the General Assembly on antimicrobial resistance - Report of the Secretary-General

The report highlights progress made by Member States and the Tripartite Organizations in addressing antimicrobial resistance...

Averting risks to the food chain

A compendium of proven emergency prevention methods and tools

No Time to Wait: Securing the future from drug-resistant infections

Report to the Secretary-General of the United Nations. UN Ad hoc Interagency Coordinating Group on Antimicrobial Resistance

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