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Drivers, dynamics and epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance in animal production

It is now accepted that increased antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria affecting humans and animals in recent decades is primarily influenced by an increase in usage of antimicrobials [...]

FAO Aquaculture Newsletter No.55

Two interesting articles have been published: "Antimicrobials and aquaculture" (pp. 8-9) and "FAO Initiatives on Antimicrobial Resistance" (pp. 52-53)

Antimicrobial resistance and our food systems: challenges and solution

FAO is home to a vast reservoir of knowledge, with experts that include food safety specialists, agronomists, veterinarians, lawyers, aquaculture experts, economists, food and feed scientists, and communication practitioners. With its global reach and wide-ranging expertise and track record in [...]

Reunión conjunta FAO/OMS/OIE de expertos sobre los antimicrobianos de importancia crítica

Informe de la reunión de expertos, Sede de la FAO, Roma (Italia) del 26 al 30 de noviembre de 2007. La necesidad de acceso a los antimicrobianos, tanto en medicina humana como veterinaria es crítica. Sin embargo, con el aumento [...]

REVIEW of the Literature on Antimicrobial Resistance in Zoonotic Bacteria from Livestock in East, South and Southeast Asia

The aim of this literature review is to inform policy makers of the state of knowledge on AMR and AMU in south, eastern and south-east Asia

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