Resistencia a los antimicrobianos

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Tackling antimicrobial resistance in food and agriculture

This first report on FAO’s contribution to the global response to AMR outlines a wide range of activities undertaken by FAO at global, regional and country level.

Progressive Management Pathway for Antimicrobial Resistance (FAO-PMP-AMR)

Stepwise approach to sustainable management of antimicrobial resistance in food and agriculture sector

Engaging agrifood systems to generate data-for-action in tackling antimicrobial resistance

This document provides an overview of the project. Its goal is to create an enabling environment for data generation by raising awareness and generating pilot evidence.

How to use antimicrobials effectively and responsibly in plant production, for the sake of human and plant health

Prudent, rational, and targeted use of antimicrobials in plant production maximizes their therapeutic efficacy while reducing the risk of development of resistance and environmental contamination improving food safety.

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