Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

APFIC area of competence

"Area - The Commission shall carry out the functions and responsibilities set forth in Article IV in the Asia-Pacific Area." (APFIC Agreement, Article VI) 

APFIC's area of competence (the Asia-Pacific) is the biggest producer of fisheries and aquaculture globally. This description is a broad definition of the area where APFIC will conduct its work. APFIC is competent in both marine and inland waters of its area of competence. The abolition of the Indian Ocean Fishery Commission (IOFC) and its Committee for the Development and Management of Fisheries in the Bay of Bengal (BOBC) in June 1999 resulted in closer involvement of APFIC in this sub-region, as the functions of BOBC was transferred to APFIC by the FAO Council.