Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

The Commission, Executive Committee, Committee and working parties

The Commission

The Governing Body of APFIC is the Commission, which is advised by its Executive Committee. 

"The governing body of the APFIC is the Commission. It carries out its activities at intervals of two years. It is composed of all Members. Each member has one vote. Decisions are taken by a majority of the votes cast, unless a greater majority is required. The Commission is assisted by an Executive Committee and other subsidiary bodies and the Secretariat. To ensure continuity, these latter organs have also important functions to fulfil during the intervals between sessions".

The record of the Sessions of the Commission.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Chair, the Vice Chair, the outgoing Chair and two members elected by the Commission. The Secretary is an ex-officio member without a vote. The Executive Committee meets once a year between regular sessions to direct the conduct of the business and affairs of the Commission between its sessions.

"There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the immediately retired Chairman and two members elected by the Commission. In the unavoidable absence of one or two members of the Executive Committee from a Committee session, the Chairman shall have the power to co-opt the chairman of one or two of the committees which may from time to time be established in accordance with the Rules governing the procedure of the Commission, at his discretion, to substitute the absent Committee member or members for that Committee session only, provided that two permanent members of the Executive Committee shall always be present and that the number of voting members attending the Committee session shall in no case exceed five." (APFIC Agreement, Article III - Committees and working parties).

The record of the meetings of the Executive Committee.

Committees and working parties (APFIC Agreement, Article III)

The Commission may establish Committees and working parties to assist its work. The Commission may in addition establish temporary, special or standing committees to study and report on matters pertaining to the purpose of the Commission. The Commission may establish working parties to study and recommend on specific technical problems. These working parties shall be convened by the Director-General of the Organization at such times and places as are in accordance with the objectives for which they were established. 

The establishment of committees and working parties referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 above shall be subject to the availability of the necessary funds in the relevant chapter of the approved budget of the Organization; the determination of such availability shall be made by the Director-General. Before taking any decision involving expenditures in connexion with the establishment of committees and working parties, the Commission shall have before it a report from the Director-General on the administrative and financial implications thereof.