Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission


Bangkok, Thailand The Session of the Asia-Pacific Fisheries Commission (APFIC) is convened every two years to review Commission activities of the  APFIC Secretariat, APFIC members and partners on major programme activities during the intersessional period of the Commission. The  working papers and related information documents  for the  36th Session of the Asia-Pacfiic Fishery Commission can be accessed here:  

Session Documents 

APFIC/21/01 Agenda and Timetable

APFIC/21/02 Inter-sessional activities of APFIC

APFIC/21/03 Report of the Seventy-seventh meeting of the Executive Committee

APFIC/21/04 Summary overview and report of the APFIC Regional Technical Webinars

APFIC/21/05 Aquaculture innovation, knowledge sharing and capacity development in the APFIC region

APFIC/21/06 Building capacity in assessment for the sustainable management of  marine and inland fisheries

APFIC/21/07 Addressing current limitations to the effective function of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

APFIC/21/08 APFIC’s 2021-2022 Programme of Work and Budget

Information documents

APFIC/21/INF 01 Provisional list of documents

APFIC/21/INF 02 Provisional list of participants

APFIC/21/INF 03 Report of the Thirty-fifth Session of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission, Cebu, the Philippines, 11-13 May 2018

APFIC/21/INF 04 Report of the Seventy-seventh Session of the Executive Committee of the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 5–7 March 2019

APFIC/21/INF 05 APFIC Strategic Plan  2018-2023

APFIC/21/INF 06 Rev 1 The APFIC Technical Webinar Series

APFIC/21/INF 07 Issues in  aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission region (2020)

APFIC/21/INF 08 Issues in  fisheries in the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission region (2020)

APFIC/21/INF 09 Analysis of Member country responses to the  2018 FAO questionnaire on implementation of the  Code of  Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF)

Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission (APFIC) invites interested fishery and aquaculture stakeholders from APFIC member countries, regional fisheries organizations, NGO/CSO and private-sector participants to join a technical webinar series which will cover issues across marine and inland capture fisheries and aquaculture. These webinars are open to all registered participants.

The webinars will be recorded and will be made available for viewing online after the event.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a particular impact on the work of APFIC during 2020, preventing the convening of the biennial session and RCFM and the regional consultative workshops that form a major part of the Commission's workplan. The APFIC Secretariat is, therefore, taking steps to restart the activities of APFIC in the context of the post-COVID new normal of virtual events, webinars and workshops.

In partnership with INFOFISH, the APFIC Secretariat has developed a technical webinar series, based on the work programme and the priorities of APFIC, as a replacement for the traditional face-to-face Regional Consultative Forum Meeting that could not be convened in 2020. These webinars will be opened to registered participants from APFIC member countries, regional fisheries organizations, NGO/CSO and private-sector participants with interest in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in the region. The main format will be technical presentations, but there will also be feedback and panel discussions by invited guests from regional organizations and member countries. The webinars will be recorded and will be made available for viewing online after the event.

The technical coverage is across marine and inland capture fisheries and aquaculture and the titles are provided below:

  1. Inland fisheries connectivity, irrigation and water management (28/01/21)
  2. Review of illegal fishing in the APFIC region (10/02/21)
  3. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and antimicrobial use (AMU) in aquaculture in Asia (24/02/21)
  4. Multispecies stock assessment for management (10/03/21)
  5. Aquaculture innovation in the APFIC region (25/03/21)
  6. Subsidies, WTO and fisheries (31/03/21)
  7. Information technology for small-scale fisheries (06/04/21)
  8. Co-management of small-scale fisheries (08/04/21)
  9. Gender in SSF/SSA fisheries/aquaculture (08/12/21)

Full details of the webinar presentations and agenda, together with the registration link, are available on the APFIC website ( and the INFOFISH website ( The webinar series will commence end of January 2021 and largely take place prior to the virtual 36th APFIC Session, which is scheduled for the first week of May 2021. These virtual webinars will also generate some specific feedback and recommendations, which will be presented to the 36th Session of APFIC.

The biennial session of the Commission is preceded by the Regional Consultative Forum Meeting (RCFM), wherein member countries and regional partners discuss regional issues and propose approaches to address opportunities and concerns through the APFIC process. The outcomes and recommendations of the RCFM are forwarded to the Commission for deliberation and endorsement.