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Aquaculture's next frontier?

Category Aquaculture

The document is a brief of showcase of a specific aquaculture innovation. It contains main information on the technique and approach used, scope and scale of application, accessibility and the outcome and benefits of the innovation.

Aquaculture has traditionally been carried out in freshwater and coastal areas. This causes pressures including competition for space from other activities, issues with disease and poor water quality and runoff carrying nutrients and pollution from other land-based activities. Increasing numbers of companies and research institutes are looking to develop new technologies for offshore systems. Investment from the salmon sector is likely to accelerate the adoption of offshore technology for producing other species. While capital investment costs are likely to be higher for offshore aquaculture systems, operational costs have been predicted to decrease over time. Offshore systems are likely to offer one means of increasing aquatic food production and potentially easing pressure on waterways and inshore coastal areas.