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FAO Technical guidelines on aquaculture certification

Category Policy, governance & trade

 FAO.  Technical guidelines on aquaculture certification. Rome, FAO. 2011. 122 pp.

Global production from aquaculture is growing substantially and provides increasingly significant volumes of fish and other aquatic food for human consumption, a trend that is projected to continue. Although aquaculture growth has potential to meet the growing need for aquatic foods and to contribute to food security, poverty reduction and, more broadly, to achieving sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals, it is increasingly recognized that improved management of the sector is necessary to achieve this potential. The application of certification in aquaculture is now viewed as a potential market-based tool for minimizing potential negative impacts and increasing societal and consumer benefits and confidence in the process of aquaculture production and marketing. These guidelines provide guidance for the development, organization and implementation of credible aquaculture certification schemes.