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Sustainable intensification of aquaculture using efficient nanobubble technology

Category Aquaculture

To intensify production, it is common for aquaculture producers to aerate water in production systems. Efficient distribution of dissolved oxygen in the production unit is important to avoid stress and crowding behaviour. Most mechanical aeration systems agitate the water surface to increase oxygen levels and as a result dissolved oxygen levels are highest near the water surface and aquatic animals may aggregate and crowd in areas where oxygen levels are highest. Commercial companies have developed and are now marketing improved oxygen supply and aeration systems to improve the efficiency of oxygen transfer through nanobubble technology production systems. Nanobubbles can remain suspended in water for many days until dissolving and are therefore a more efficient method of increasing the dissolved oxygen  content in water. The approach is being used with land-based recirculation aquaculture technology by salmon producers working with high stocking densities. Nanobubble generators also work well in biofloc pond systems for species like shrimp and tilapia.