Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission


Under the  APFIC  agreement, the Commission is tasked to promote programmes "to encourage, recommend, coordinate and, as appropriate, undertake training and extension activities in all aspects of fisheries" (this includes aquaculture).

APFIC Secretariat has sought to develop a coordinated Regional Technical Cooperation Programme to support the above capacity building efforts in member countries. As a fundamental article of the APFIC agreement, APFIC has a clear mandate to support and encourage the effective management of fisheries and aquaculture amongst its member countries, and particularly within its geographical area of competence.

The development of common, regionally-relevant, training tools and advisory material and  guidelines is part of this mandate. The development of training is  undertaken through  a  combined approach of   regional  workshops,  consensus building and use of  expert trainers and resource persons.

These training and advisory resources are typically  developed  in collaboration with FAO regional and global programmes/projects and regional partner organizations, which  share common goals with APFIC.