World Rabies Day Webinar 2019

29/10/2019 As a part of World Rabies Day 2019 celebrations, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), World Health Organization (WHO) and Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) offices in Asia and the Pacific region organized a webinar to raise awareness about the United Against Rabies global plan to end human deaths from dog mediated rabies by 2030. This year’s theme is “Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate”, focusing on promoting vaccination of dogs as a key effort for rabies elimination. During the webinar an overview of the global move towards rabies control and elimination included:
  1. Importance of World Rabies Day as a means to increase rabies awareness, advocacy, and education globally
  2. Latest developments in vaccination of dogs and availability of high quality vaccines/biologicals

  3. Regional rabies initiatives and country experiences with rabies control

  4. One Health approach for zoonotic disease prioritization

  5. Rabies awareness campaign tools

Please find the presentations links: The recordings from the United Against Rabies webinar below:
  1. World Rabies Day: 13 years of mobilizing the global community through awareness, advocacy and education, Sarah Jayme, GARC
  2. Vaccinate to eliminate: Insights into rabies control, Eric Brum, FAO:
  3. OIE vaccine bank and procurement process, Gregorio Torres, OIE:
  4. ASEAN and SAARC Rabies meetings and way forward, Gyanendra Gongal, WHO:
  5. CDC prioritization tool, Sean Shadomy, FAO/CDC:
  6. Rabies Ends Here Campaign Toolkit, Lucia Escati, OIE:
  7. Bhutan's experience with dog population management and mass dog vaccination, Karma Rinzin, Bhutan:
  8. A spatial risk assessment on the impact of emergency vaccination to control rabies outbreaks: a case study from the Philippines, Ronello Abila, Philippines:
  9. The Goa experience on dog vaccination methods and coverage, Gowri Yale, India:
  10. Rabies control and prevention (Thung Song Model), Wandee Kongkaew, Thailand:
  11. Oral vaccination of dogs against rabies, Ad Vos, Germany:
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