AQUASTAT - FAO's Global Information System on Water and Agriculture

    Country Profile - Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Year: 2005

    The country profile is a summary of key information that gives an overview of the water resources and water use at the national level. It can support water-related policy and decision makers in their planning and monitoring activities as well as inform researchers, media and the general public. Information in the report is organized by sections:

    • Geography, Climate and Population
    • Economy, Agriculture and Food Security
    • Water Resources
    • Water Use
    • Irrigation and Drainage
    • Water Management
    • Policies and Legislation Related to Water Use In Agriculture
    • Environment and Health
    • Prospects for Agricultural Water Management

    All sources used to compile the country profile are also reported in the last section of the document.

    The factsheets above outline the main data by theme and map the main features of water and agriculture in the country.

    For the most recent data, please check the Country Statistics.