AQUASTAT - FAO's Global Information System on Water and Agriculture


    Database on Institutions

    The Database on Institutions is a database of 1 000+ institutions within 117 countries, dealing with water resources for agriculture and rural development, searchable by country, organization type and activity type. During country update processes, these institutions are verified and updated and qualitative information is collected on:

    • Main institutions in water management: description and mandates, delegation and decentralization, with particular attention to irrigation and drainage development;
    • Key players in irrigation and drainage development: planning, investments, creation/management, operation and maintenance, control of the quality of the service, fixing and control of prices;
    • System of control of water use, of pollution and of drainage water disposal.

    Institutions are fully validated at the time of the data collection, but as time proceeds, the institutional framework within countries is likely to change, and these changes are not reflected in the database until the next update round.

    The update frequency is continuous, whenever new data becomes available, in particular during the country update which takes place once every 5 years at the most.

    Info for all countries in the Institutions database