AQUASTAT - FAO's Global Information System on Water and Agriculture

    WaPOR database

    The WaPOR database

    WaPOR is the FAO portal to monitor Water Productivity through Open access of Remotely sensed derived data. It monitors and reports on agriculture water productivity over Africa and the Near East and provides open access to the water productivity database and its thousands of underlying map layers. It allows for direct data queries, time series analyses, area statistics and data download of key variables associated with water and land productivity assessments.

    WaPOR data, available in the WaPOR portal as well as in the AQUAMAPS portal is openly accessible and is obtained following an technically sound methodology.

    Database structure

    The WaPOR platform offers operational and openly accessible data following a technically sound methodology.

    The WaPOR database provides data at three different levels of resolution:

    Level 1 - continental level: 250 m ground resolution covering Africa and the Near East

    Level 2 - country level: 26 countries and territories and 6 river basins (100 m)

    Level 3 - sub-national level: 12 pilot areas at 30m resolution

    Seamless monitoring from January 2009 to date, at 10 days or daily (for precipitation and ET0) interval.

    Variables: Water productivity, land productivity, actual and reference evapotranspiration, land cover and use, biomass, precipitation, carbon dioxide uptake, yields, harvested index and crop calendar (Level 3 only).

    Key features: Time series and key statistics, open access to data catalogue with more than 6 000 data layers, direct access through APIs.