FAO in Armenia

Programmes in Armenia

The COUNTRY PROGRAMMING FRAMEWORK FOR ARMENIA sets out three government priority areas to guide the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) partnership and support the Government of Armenia (GoA).

Following extensive multi-stakeholder consultations, a Country Programming Framework (CPF) was signed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia and FAO in December 2016. The formulation of the CPF has involved a review of national priorities for food, agriculture, forestry and fishery sectors. The Framework prioritizes interventions in the country based on national development objectives, as identified in key sectoral strategies and concept papers.

The CPF builds on the previous Country Framework implemented from 2012 to 2015. FAO support will be governed by its five Strategic Objectives aligned with the regional priorities as adopted at the 30th Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Europe; Empowering smallholders and family farms in Europe and Central Asia, and Agrifood trade and market integration in Europe and Central Asia; as well as strengthening food security and nutrition, natural resource management including fisheries and forestry, and control of animal and plant pests and diseases and food safety hazards. The Regional Initiatives provide a programmatic umbrella and delivery mechanism for Armenia. Armenia is a focus country of the Regional Initiative on Empowering smallholders and family farms.  

The CPF priorities and outcomes address government priority areas as reflected in key national documents with an emphasis of developing agriculture, fisheries and forestry enhancing capacities of small holders and family farmers. The priority areas reflect areas where FAO adds the greatest value, in line with its overall mandate, presence and delivery capacity in Armenia, in close collaboration and synergy with other UN agencies and development actors.

The following three thematic priority areas, are key areas for support to small holder and family farm development and the achievement of the SDGs.


  • Strengthen core systems, policy frameworks and capacities for the sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Ensure that national authorities are better equipped to carry out informed policy making;
  • Contribute to improved resilience in responding to climate change, crises and disasters.
  • Support the improvement of national capacity to control animal diseases and plant pest;
  • Enhance the policy framework to ensure food safety and quality in the region, including in Armenia;
  • Promote a preventive approach to food safety emergencies through strengthening of the national scientific, analytic and technical capacities. 

  • Strengthen policy and legal frameworks and social protection systems to eradicate hunger, food insecurity, malnutrition and rural poverty.