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4th World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress 2022 (4WSFC) - Africa

Cape Town, 21/11/2022 23/11/2022
The congress theme for the 4WSFC AFRICA, 'Leading by Examples: Leaderships for Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries' recognizes the many examples, lessons and experiences that individual, communities, governments, inter-governmental organizations, and other supporting [...]

IYAFA 2022 | Regional Women in Fisheries Forum

Fort Walton - Destin, Florida, 06/11/2022 06/11/2022
As part of the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture (IYAFA 2022), the first Regional Women in Fisheries Forum is being held on the margins of GCFI75. This special [...]

AIPAA 2022 | Mares da Fin do Mundo International Documentary Film Festival 2022

Outes, 28/10/2022 01/11/2022
Mares da Fin do Mundo is a local project, based in rural Galicia, but with an international film selection. It is a festival committed to the maritime environment and the [...]

4th World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress 2022 (4WSFC) - Latin America & the Caribbean

Merida, 24/10/2022 27/10/2022
The congress theme for the 4WSFC Latin America & the Caribbean (LAC), 'Stronger Together: Building a Path Toward Sustainable Resources and Viable Communities', recognizes that a strong future for small-scale [...]

AIPAA 2022 | III Foro Internacional Virtual Con Las Comunidades Pesqueras Artesanales Unidas En Red Para La Defensa Del Patrimonio Biocultural

Virtual, 20/10/2022 21/10/2022
Bajo el lema: "BUENAS PRÁCTICAS PESQUERAS EN LATINOAMÉRICA", el III Foro Internacional Virtual se organiza en 2022, declarado por la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas "Año Internacional de la [...]

IYAFA 2022 | CFS50 Side Event - Solutions for empowering women’s engagement in aquatic food systems: a journey through the supply chain

Virtual and in-presence, Rome, 11/10/2022 11/10/2022
This side-event will showcase solutions to empower women and engage young women in sustainable aquatic food systems. It will include success stories related to important steps for achieving food security [...]

IYAFA 2022 | Latin America Workshop: IYAFA 2022-Celebrating Sustainable and Equitable Small-scale Fisheries São Paulo state, Brazil

São Paulo, 01/10/2022 03/10/2022
The Latin American workshop will be held in São Paulo state, Brazil. IYAFA 2022 Asia Workshop: Celebrating Sustainable and Equitable Small-scale Fisheries was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 5 to [...]

IYAFA 2022 | Global nutrition: From the water for the world- Interview on 'The little ones in the spotlight'

Vienna, 29/09/2022 29/09/2022
Fish and seafood are regularly eaten by three billion people and are among the most traded foods in the world. The extent to which the sector is also characterised by [...]

IYAFA 2022 | FAO Circular No 1244 on “Development of a credit and insurance programme for small-scale fisheries in the Philippines”

Rome, 26/09/2022 26/09/2022
Small-scale fisheries (SSF) make an important contribution to nutrition, food security, sustainable livelihoods, and poverty alleviation in the Philippines. The Agricultural Credit Policy Council (ACPC) with support from the Asia [...]

IYAFA 2022 | Terra Madre Salone del Gusto

Turin, 22/09/2022 26/09/2022
Healthy water systems and healthy social fabrics are inseparable. The core message of the slow fish campaign highlights the fact that we are connected to a very fragile web of [...]
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