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IYAFA 2022 | Video (EN/FR) : Sardinella, a strategic resource for West African artisanal fisheries, is overexploited

Nouadhibou, 28/02/2022 28/02/2022
EN: Small pelagics, such as sardinella, are of strategic importance for food security in the West African region. In fact, the value chain provides employment for tens of thousands of [...]

IYAFA 2022 | How can we strengthen health-environment partnerships to maximise impact for coastal communities?

Virtual | Bristol , 25/02/2022 25/02/2022
To mark the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture, this Toko Telo event will showcase how the recent UK Government-funded ASPIRE project worked towards increasing the adaptive capacity of [...]

IYAFA 2022 | Tangier/Morocco: COMHAFAT/ATLAFCO-Declaration of support to artisanal fisheries and aquaculture

Tangier, 22/02/2022 24/02/2022
The Ministerial Conference on Fisheries Cooperation among African States bordering the Atlantic Ocean (COMHAFAT) organized from 22 to 24 February 2022, in Tangier (MOROCCO) a conference on “artisanal fisheries and [...]

AIPAA 2022 | COMHAFAT/ATLAFCO CONFÉRENCE "La pêche et l'aquaculture artisanales, composantes majeures d'un développement socio-économique inclusif"

Tangier, 22/02/2022 24/02/2022
L’année 2022 a été proclamée Année internationale de la pêche et de l’aquaculture artisanales (AIPAA 2022) par la soixante-douzième session de l’Assemblée générale des Nations Unies (ONU) organisée en 2017. [...]

AIPAA 2022 | Plus de poisson dans nos assiettes ? / More fish on our plates?

Virtual, 17/02/2022 17/02/2022
On February 17, echoing the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture (#IYAFA2022), IRD and Cité des sciences et de l'Industrie introduce a public panel discussion, jointly led with South [...]

Vídeos sobre las artes de pesca artesanales para conmemorar el AIPAA 2022

A Coruña, 10/02/2022 10/02/2022
¿Conocéis el arte de pesca de la línea? Y ¿el curricán? O ¿sabéis lo que es la rapeta? Con la proclamación de 2022 como Año Internacional de la Pesca y la [...]

IYAFA 2022 Side event at AquaSur 2022

Puerto Montt, 02/02/2022 04/02/2022
Aqua Sur is consolidated as the meeting point of the national and international aquaculture industry, bringing together in one place the supply and demand of this important industrial sector of [...]

IYAFA 2022 | Call for Fisher, Fishfarmer and Fishworker stories

Rome, 01/02/2022 28/02/2022
The COVID-19 global crisis has revealed the resourcefulness of many small-scale artisanal fishers, fishfarmers and fishworkers, and the part they play in food security and nutrition, poverty eradication and the responsible use [...]

IYAFA 2022 | [Call for papers] Artisanal and Small-Scale Fisheries and Aquaculture

New York City, 01/02/2022 30/06/2022
The journal Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries will publish IYAFA Special Issue of high-quality reviews and research articles focused on the multi-dimensional aspects of livelihoods and occupational pursuits within [...]

AIPAA 2022 | Convocatoria - Recepción de contribuciones REVISTA CIENCIA PESQUERA

Virtual, 31/01/2022 30/04/2022
En el 2017, las Naciones Unidas declaró el 2022 como el Año Internacional de la Pesca y la Acuicultura Artesanales, con el objetivo de visibilizar mundialmente las contribuciones de estas [...]