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IYAFA 2022 | Climate Change Impact Analysis on the Inland Aquaculture Sector in Madagascar

Antananarivo, 03/11/2022 03/11/2022
In co-celebration of IYAFA 2022, the Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy (MPEB) and the GIZ Sustainable Aquaculture Project in Madagascar (PADM) would like to invite you to the presentation [...]

Call to Action from small scale fisheries/Appel à l'action de la part de la pêche à petite échelle

Suva, 01/11/2022 31/01/2023
2022 is the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14.b calls on states to secure access to marine resources and markets for small-scale fisheries. Small-scale [...]

AIPAA 2022 | Foro Mesoamericano sobre protección social en la pesca artesanal y la acuicultura de pequeña escala

Panama City, 28/10/2022 28/10/2022
El presente documento se deriva del plan de trabajo propuesto por el Comité Mesoamericano para la Celebración del Año Internacional de la Pesca y la Acuicultura Artesanales (AIPAA-2022), que fue [...]

AIPAA 2022 | Mares da Fin do Mundo International Documentary Film Festival 2022

Outes, 28/10/2022 01/11/2022
Mares da Fin do Mundo is a local project, based in rural Galicia, but with an international film selection. It is a festival committed to the maritime environment and the [...]

AIPAA 2022 | Atelier sur la Gestion des Barrages en Tunisie: Potentialités & Perspectives

Bizerte, 26/10/2022 27/10/2022
Dans le cadre de l'Année et Internationale de la Pêche et de l'Aquaculture artisanales (IYAFA 2022), le Bureau Sous Régional de la FAO pour l'Afrique du Nord, co-organise en partenariat [...]

IYAFA 2022 stamp issued by the Portugal Postal Service

Lisbon, 24/10/2022 24/10/2022
The Portuguese post office is delighted to celebrate the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture with a new collection of special stamps. #IYAFA2022 travels the world! This is a [...]

IYAFA 2022 | 4th World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress 2022 (4WSFC) - Latin America & the Caribbean

Merida, 24/10/2022 27/10/2022
The congress theme for the 4WSFC Latin America & the Caribbean (LAC), 'Stronger Together: Building a Path Toward Sustainable Resources and Viable Communities', recognizes that a strong future for small-scale [...]

AIPAA 2022 | III Foro Internacional Virtual Con Las Comunidades Pesqueras Artesanales Unidas En Red Para La Defensa Del Patrimonio Biocultural

Virtual, 20/10/2022 21/10/2022
Bajo el lema: "BUENAS PRÁCTICAS PESQUERAS EN LATINOAMÉRICA", el III Foro Internacional Virtual se organiza en 2022, declarado por la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas "Año Internacional de la [...]

AIPAA 2022 | Premier Festival International des crabes bleus

Kerkennah, 17/10/2022 19/10/2022
Le Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Ressources Hydrauliques et de la Pêche organise le 1er Festival International du Crabe Bleu à l'Archipel de Kerkennah (Golfe de Gabès, Tunisie) et ce du [...]

IYAFA 2022 | Regional Expert Workshop on Market system approach for resilient agri-aquaculture food systems in desert and arid countries

Tunis, 13/10/2022 15/10/2022
Agri-aquaculture food systems and their components of production, harvesting, processing, marketing, distribution and consumption, should be sustainable, resilient to prevailing climate conditions and changes (impacts and shocks), and efficient in [...]