Global Action Plan

The Global Action plan has been elaborated and agreed upon by the IYAFA International Steering Committee (ISC). The activities included in this plan have been developed along the four main lines of action for the year:
1. Advocacy and Awareness Raising;
2. Strengthening science-policy interface;
3. Empowering stakeholders; and
4. Partnerships.



Value chain dynamics and the small-scale sector

Policy recommendations for small-scale fisheries and aquaculture trade

This technical paper focuses primarily on price transmissions in small-scale and large-scale fishery and aquaculture value chains in 14 developed and developing countries. Although the study is focused on the small-scale sector, both the small-scale and large-scale sectors were analysed in order to demonstrate differences between the two.

Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries

The Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines are aimed at all actors striving to secure sustainable small-scale fisheries, to end hunger and poverty and strengthen human rights. They are a tool to guide dialogue, policy processes, and action at all levels, from local communities to global fora.

Aquaculture Big Numbers

This research project seeks to: provide baseline information on the present status of the aquaculture sector from a human development perspective; identify the types and numbers of people employed by the sector; and explore the role of aquaculture in providing social and economic services at a global level, with a particular emphasis on small-scale stakeholders.

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