Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA)

2023 ASFA Advisory Board Meeting


The next Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) Advisory Board is set to convene in Bangkok from 3rd to 6th October 2023.

Hosted by the Secretariat of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC Secretariat), this meeting represents ASFA's first in-person interaction since 2019.

On the agenda are significant topics, including the Partnership Agreement and OpenASFA Impact Study, as ASFA aims to strategize and deliver a new business that will meet stakeholder needs.

Below is a list of meeting documents for your reference:

Meeting documents
ASFA/2023/1 - Agenda and List of Participants
ASFA/2023/2 - List of documents
ASFA/2023/3 - Status of Action Items – 2022 Advisory Board Meeting
ASFA/2023/4 - Contributions by ASFA partners 2022-Jun2023
ASFA/2023/5 - FAO ASFA Secretariat report
ASFA/2023/6 - Summary of Partners’ reports
ASFA/2023/7 - Summary of the Associates’ survey
ASFA/2023/8 - Summary of the survey on aquatic sciences and fisheries information user needs)
ASFA/2023/9 - ASFA - Terms of Reference for Cooperation in the Preparation and Publication of the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA)
ASFA/2023/9a - ASFA Bangkok statement
ASFA/2023/10 - ASFA Business model paper
ASFA/2023/11 - Status of the ASFA Trust Fund and budget 2024-25
ASFA/2023/12 - Project proposal: European inland waters
ASFA/2023/13 - Africa regional network project proposal: collection of research and data related to SDG indicator 14.4.1
ASFA/2023/14 - Latin America and Caribbean regional network project: collection of research and data related to SDG indicator 14.4.1
ASFA/2023/15 - ASFA communication strategy
ASFA/2023/16 - Africa regional compendium 2022
ASFA/2023/17 - Asia & Pacific regional compendium 2022
ASFA/2023/18 - Europe regional compendium 2022
ASFA/2023/19 - Latin America Regional compendium 2022
ASFA/2023/20 - North America Regional compendium 2022
ASFA/2023/21 - Agenda of the ASFA Advisory Board Virtual meeting (25-27 September)

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