FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Prince Mahidol Award Conference Antimicrobial Resistance Side Meeting

30/01/2017-30/01/2017 Bangkok, Thailand



Enhance AMU stewardship and strengthen efforts to minimize AMR in Asia’s animal production sectors.

The focus will be on the following priority areas identified at PMAC 2016 Side Meeting:

  1. Consider mechanisms to establish baseline AMU assessments and usage monitoring frameworks, working toward establishing usage targets;
  2. Promoting evidence-based policy/legislative/regulatory guidance and enforcement and compliance systems applicable within the Asia context; and
  3. Utilize a risk assessment approach to measure the impact of anti-microbial growth promotion (AGP) phase outs (by AM class) on both resistance and comprehensive consideration of economic costs and benefits, tied to reduced-usage practices (e.g. enhanced nutrition, vaccination coverage, husbandry, etc...) and communicating these to key target audiences.

Concept note and agenda