FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Regional Virtual consultation on RAP Strategy on Food Loss and Waste

01/06/2021-02/06/2021 Virtual, Bangkok, Thailand


The consultation focuses on the first multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder FAO Regional Strategy on Food Loss and Waste Reduction in Asia and the Pacific and its roadmap for implementation. The strategy is based on a literature review, detailed national case studies, and lessons learnt from other regions such as Africa, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Near East and North Africa. 

Sustainable Development Goal 12 seeks to “ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns” and includes target 12.3 (SDG 12.3) “by 2030, halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses.”   

According to FAO (SOFA, 2019), regional estimates range from 5–6 percent in Australia and New Zealand to 20–21 percent in Central and Southern Asia. Food losses and waste have socio-economic, climate change, and environmental impacts concurrent with massive losses of calories, micro-, as well as macro-nutrients from production, during post-harvest operations, and up to the point of consumption. It is high time to act towards generating better quality data on food losses and food waste that can be comparable and inform decisions on prevention and reduction. We only have 9 years left to 2030. 

The strategy has the goal to raise awareness and support FAO Member Countries to deliver on SDG 12.3 through effective and coherent institutional capacity development, governance and investments, and state and non-state collaborations and partnerships. 


Anthony Bennett, Senior Food Systems Officer (Post-production),

Email: [email protected]


FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific - Food Loss and Waste 


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