FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Private Sector Consultation Potential Platform for Business Actions on Animal Health

23/05/2022-23/05/2022 Virtual, Bangkok, Thailand


FAO has recently developed and launched a new Strategy for Private Sector Engagement (2021-2025), which lays out the Organization’s continued and enhanced commitment to joining forces for development progress. This Strategy reflects a new forward-looking vision for strengthening strategic engagement with the private sector towards achieving the SDGs. To support this vision, FAO is seeking to engage the private sector around multiple priorities including animal health.

The economic cost and public health impact associated with animal health issues in Asia are particularly high, for this reason FAO’s Emergency Center for Transboundary Animal Diseases (ECTAD) is considering the launch of a regional platform which will display in-kind commitments from the private sector to improve animal health. Such a platform would provide an overview of the type of actions the private sector is currently undertaking and the specific interests in relation to support the control animal diseases to facilitate the understanding of current priorities on animal health among the private sector.

Provisional agenda 



Welcome remarks, introducing FAO actions on animal health


Introducing the objective of the pilot platform for business actions on animal health in Asia



The platform’s process and scope:

 What types of actions will be you interested in reporting on such a platform?

 Is the self-declaration form acceptable for your company/association?

 How feasible and acceptable is the one-year self-reporting timeline?





 Would you see some added value in sharing actions on animal health on this platform if they are already publicly disclosed in other documents/websites (annual report, CSR report…)?

 Do you see a potential interest from investors if you increase public disclosure on platforms such as this one around your animal health’s actions?

 What type of matching actions from the public sector would you be interested in?



Next steps for the Platform and Conclusion


Lunch will be provided to the meeting participants at the Athenee Hotel, Bangkok