FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

FAO regional workshop for a network of practitioners on fishery stock assessment

23/01/2023-25/01/2023 Bangkok, Thailand

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FAO will convene a “Regional workshop for a network of practitioners on fishery stock assessment(“FAO Regional Assessment workshop”) from 23-25 January 2023, which will bring together an identified group of regional stock assessment practitioners from across the Asian region, to review their methods and preliminary findings on the status of fisheries that they study.

This workshop builds on two FAO and SEAFDEC co-organized regional training workshops on stock assessment, with the aim of obtaining the first level understanding of the current status and regional capacity on stock assessment and examined available data sets. It also draws in other complementary work under parallel initiatives funded by other donors and FAO.

The network group convened by the workshop will seek to reinvigorate some historic or existing networks of practitioners at regional and national levels. The primary target group is Government fishery research officers as they are the data holders and responsible for national activities related to the assessment of fishery resources. There are also associated fishery professional and regional organizations, universities, environmental organizations, and NGOs that are also engaged in support or collaboration with local or national initiatives. Academic researchers are most typically involved in developing analytical and modelling approaches and supervising the research which can be applied to the data collected.  They are also involved in training the next generation of fisheries biologists, modellers and stock assessment practitioners.

The network group will provide overviews of the range of methods that are applied to different stocks and fisheries, encompassing fisheries with different levels of data (i.e. data-poor, data-limited to data-rich) that they are using in the region. These will be compared and contrasted with the ultimate goal of providing options for countries to apply these approaches in determining appropriate levels of exploitation of their fisheries, as well as providing updated reports on the status of the fish stocks covered by the assessments in the Asian region. This is currently poorly reported and is currently a major gap in the assessment of the state of global fish stocks prepared by FAO.

The participation is by invitation only.

For further information, contact [email protected]