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Join the antimicrobial resistance pledge

31/10/2016 Bangkok, Thailand

In preparation for the World Antibiotic Awareness Week the general public is encouraged to participate in a social media campaign to raise awareness about antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR is a global emerging threat to humans and animals, which results from the misuse and abuse of antimicrobials such as antibiotics. This year’s antibiotics awareness week is observed from 14 to 20 November.   

The UN General Assembly considers AMR an important health issue and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, is a leader in supporting the food and agriculture sectors in implementing the Global Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance to minimize the impact of AMR on plant and animal health.   

People across the Asia-Pacific region are invited to participate and join others who’ve already pledged to use antimicrobials more wisely. Anyone can participate by drafting his or her own pledge to prevent AMR, by posting a selfie or photo holding a statement of your pledge.  

These are the hashtags: #AMRPledge #UNFAO

To pledge, visit: http://www.wpro.who.int/entity/drug_resistance/en/

To learn more about FAO’s work on AMR: http://www.fao.org/antimicrobial-resistance/en/

Following are sample statements that you can use, but you can come up with your own:

  • I’m a (state profession). I prudently use antimicrobials to protect my children.
  • I’m a (state profession). I care for my health and use antibiotics responsibly.
  • I’m a (state profession). I practice good farm practices to stop antimicrobial resistance.
  • I’m a (state profession). I care for my children’s future, I support the regulation of antimicrobials.
  • I’m a (state profession). I only provide antibiotics/antimicrobials only when necessary.
  • I’m a (state profession). I care for my children’s future and the environment and prudently use antimicrobials in livestock farming.

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