FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Contact points in Asia-Pacific

In early 2010 an Ad Hoc Committee of Civil Society was created during a CSO consultation in Manila supported by FAO. The focal contact for the Ad Hoc Committee is AsiaDHRRA and contact AsiaDHRRA Secretariat.

Before each Asia-Pacific Regional Conference (APRC), a self-organized Civil Society Consultation meeting is being held. It is meant to gather key actors from different constituencies and countries to discuss key topics pertinent to the region and discuss on specific agenda items of the Conference from the CSO point of view. The CSOs also take stock of what has been done collectively in the region/sub-region or thematically in view of the call of actions they have made in the previous biennial meeting.

FAO's focal point for liaison with civil society in Asia and the Pacific is Caroline von Gayl, Partnership Officer, based in Bangkok.