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The Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Solutions Forum will enhance information exchange to facilitate development. It will gather Heads of Governments, UN agencies, and representatives from a wide spectrum of farmers organizations, NGOs, civil society and innovators  to incubate, promote and scale-up home-grown and imported solutions to accelerate the achievement of the agriculture, food and nutrition related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in SIDS. The SIDS Solutions Forum is co-hosted by the Government of Fiji and organized by FAO in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

To support the ongoing flow of innovative solutions, a SIDS Solutions Platform will be launched in the Pacific in 2021, and will gradually expand to all other SIDS in the Africa, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and South China Sea (AIMS); and the Caribbean regions. 

SIDS Solutions Forum

On 30-31 August, join the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Solutions Forum to discuss how they can leapfrog into the future and secure the well-being and livelihoods of the next generations.

  •  Hear Heads of Government and Ministers from SIDS across the globe on innovation and digitalization for development of agri—food systems
  • Listen to the FAO’s Director General and Heads of UN agencies lay out their vision to assist countries counter the impacts of COVID-19 and progress to the SDGs with cutting edge technologies and knowledge-based tools
  • Learn from pioneers on innovations to enhance food security, improve nutrition and health, combat climate change, add value to products and reach local and global markets
  • Participate in discussions with global financial institutions on financing, investment and partnership to leverage innovation  
  • Acquire understanding from thinkers and experts, civil society and the private sector on overcoming the digital divide and barriers to socio-economic inclusion
  • Discuss the pathways to knowledge exchange and South-South co-operation across the SIDS.

The Forum will provide simultaneous interpretation in Chinese, English, French and Spanish on day 1 of the programme.

Programme & Speakers and Panelists

Locally grown innovation – digital and non-digital - is on the rise more than ever before, led by both Governments and the private sector.

While there are many opportunities, there are also limitations. Most of these initiatives are coming from a few countries because of their unique capacities. There are many science, technology and innovation initiatives in Asia, Africa and SIDS across the globe that could contribute to sustainable and resilient agri-food systems. These need to be shared, contextualized and transferred.  Globally, all SIDS could benefit significantly through knowledge exchange.

As a tool to stimulate real and positive change, in 2021, FAO is launching a platform as a venue to post and share the many solutions and innovations that are either homegrown or generated from similar situations elsewhere, that have potential to be scaled up.

The platform will be launched on Day 1, August 30,  of the SIDS Forum.

Resources and information


Gender, women and youth: Implications for innovation and digitalization 

2021, 34 p.

The paper assesses the involvement of women and youth in agri-food systems in the Pacific SIDS and their capacity to adopt and devise digital and non-digital innovations. It identifies challenges  and  gaps and discusses ongoing and potential solutions for empowering women and youth.

Poverty, malnutrition and food security in Pacific Small Island Developing States

202, 68 p.

The paper summarizes the current status of poverty, malnutrition and food security in Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The analysis paints an uncertain but discouraging picture of poverty, malnutrition and food insecurity in the region. It is essential that statistics for Pacific SIDS continue to improve to ensure that accurate baselines can be established to underpin the monitoring and evaluation of progress in Pacific SIDS against national policies and strategies and the SDGs. There are numerous opportunities for innovation and digitisation of Pacific food systems.

Overview of the challenges and opportunities associated with innovation and digitalization in Pacific Small Islands Developing States

2021, 28 p.

This desk review identifies the current challenges and opportunities associated with innovation and digitalization in Pacific SIDS with emphases on replication aimed at accelerating the achievement of the SDGs related to agriculture, food, nutrition, health and the environment.

Overview of existing knowledge exchange platforms in Pacific Small Island Developing States

2021, 18 p.

This desk review provides an overview of the existing knowledge exchange platforms in SIDS, with a particular emphasis on identifying the gaps that the proposed FAO platform will fill as a complementary platform. This review is limited to the identification of existing knowledge exchange platforms promoting innovation and digitalization within the context of agriculture, food, nutrition, health and the environment.





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