FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
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The FAO Regional Office, through its field programme, provides technical assistance to countries in Asia and the Pacific in their fight against hunger by supporting the implementation of projects in food and nutrition security, promotion of family farming, guidance on animal and plant health and food safety, among others.

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Broadening diets and growing opportunities in Mongolia

FAO-China South-South Cooperation Programme supports climate-resilient agriculture in the heart of a landlocked country. Located in Central Asia, Mongolia is the most sparsely populated fully sovereign country in the world. Landlocked and far from the sea, the vast grazing lands and grassy steppe of Mongolia have for centuries been a heartland of nomadic animal husbandry. About 73 percent of agricultural land is pastureland used for raising livestock.

Women’s empowerment and market skills improve rural livelihoods


A bold business decision helps one Cambodian woman improve her farm’s production and challenge gender roles. Hos Salop’s days always began very early. She would cook breakfast for her husband and her three-year-old grandchild before working on her family farm in the village of Pongro in northwest Cambodia.

Emergency assistance helps Afghan livestock keepers face increasingly challenging situations

A trip to the local market can be a bewildering experience for Zulaikha, a 48-year-old, widowed smallholder livestock farmer in northern Afghanistan’s Samangan province. Even the cost of the everyday items she needs for her family of six seems beyond her means.

Five ways science, technology and innovation are helping to transform the world’s agrifood systems

Finding new solutions for a better future of food

By 2050 it is estimated that the global population will surpass nine billion, with urban populations growing and rural populations declining. Although absolute food production might be sufficient to feed such a growing population, there are substantial gaps among countries in the use of science, technology and innovation in agriculture and food production. 

"When the borders closed, I had to find a way to keep my business generating products and getting it outside of Samoa."

Four reasons why edible insects are good prospects for food security and livelihoods.

Stroll down a bustling night market in Thailand and you can spot street vendors selling aromatic and garnished bamboo worms and crickets. A must-try, these delicacies should be enjoyed while crisp and hot.    

The exquisite flavour of carbon neutrality: Moving towards carbon neutral tea to benefit both the environment and livelihoods

The smart phone app helping Fijians form healthy eating habits: Innovation in Small Island Developing States combines digital savvy with traditional approaches

Powering “greener” vegetable production in Bangladesh: Solar panels and green technology combat water scarcity and help farmers grow nutritious food in Cox’s Bazar

Groundwater: Making the invisible visible: Addressing groundwater depletion and pollution to ensure food security

What one radio show and one strong woman can do: Ramkali is challenging social norms and empowering women in rural Nepal

No fear when vets are near: How epidemiology and emergency response safeguard farmers and their animals from diseases

The determination of a young girl turned community leader in Papua New Guinea: Hallilah transforms her education and support from FAO into better livelihoods for people in her island country

Happy cows make for a happy farm in Uganda: How South-South Cooperation between China and Uganda helps improve the resilience and livelihoods of farmers

Challenging youth to make healthy eating fun: The Nutrition Challenge Badge initiative helps young people in Bangladesh and worldwide form good eating habits

Four beauty products found in forests: How natural cosmetic and beauty products are providing forest communities with livelihood opportunities

Broadening forestry education to tackle the climate crisis: New generations of students help adapt local knowledge and practices to a changing world

Bringing cultures together on the farms and mountains of Viet Nam: Cooperatives are boosting farming, incomes and community spirit

Agricultural transformation starts in the backyard: Family farming offers self-sufficiency and a return to nature in Indonesia

Bhutan’s ‘spicy’ journey to preserve the country’s taste for chilli peppers: Farmers win the battle against climate and terrain to start domestic chilli cultivation