FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Major ongoing projects


1. To enhance national and provincial levels monitoring, analysis, communication and use of agro-meteorological data and in formation for decision-making in relation to agriculture and food security.

2. To improve monitoring and analysis of agricultural production systems by strengthening Land Resources Information Management Systems (LRIMS) and Agro-Ecological Zoning (AEZ) to support agricultural policies and climate-change adaptation.

Donor: GEF

Active in: Lao PDR

Sustainable cropland and forest management in priority agro-ecosystems of Myanmar

Project GCP/MYA/017/GFF

Objectives: The project aims to facilitate and strengthen sustainable land management (SLM), sustainable forest management (SFM), and climate-smart agriculture (CSA).
Starting Date:  2018 
Active in: Myanmar
Sector: Natural Resources Management

Piloting Provincial-level Wetland PA System in Jiangxi Province

Objectives: to improve the effectiveness of management  of Jiangxi's wetland protected area system for conservation of globally important biological diversity. The goal of the project is to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of globally significant wetland biodiversity in Jiangxi Province, China

Starting Date:  April 2017 - Ending Date: April 2022
Donor: GEF
Active in: China
Sector: Natural Resources Management

Irrigation Restoration and Development Project

Objectives: The proposed Project Development Objective is to increase agriculture productivity and production in the project areas. The strategy for achieving the PDO would include: (i) assisting local communities/farmers to rehabilitate irrigation schemes; (ii) re-establishing hydro-meteorological services in the country to provide improved access to hydro-met data to enable preparation of improved and more cost effective designs of rehabilitation and development works; and (iii) continuing capacity building in MEW for preparing and implementing irrigation/ water resource development projects.

Starting Date: 15/12/2011 - Ending Date: 31/12/2017
Donor: Government of Afghanistan
Sector: Natural Resources Management

Promoting an Integrated Home Garden and School Garden Approach for food and nutrition security in selected Southeast Asian Countries

Objectives: The project adopts an integrated, multi-stakeholder and holistic "plot to pot" food production system that combines the production of a variety of nutritious vegetables and fruits and small scale livestock such as chickens, ducks and aquaculture toward a more self-reliant provision of school meals. School gardens and nutrition education is to be integrated into the school curricula so it becomes an integral part of the teaching and learning process. School-community links to promote shared responsibility between government and communities will be strengthened. Home gardens will help improving the diets of households and nutrition education will contribute to family nutrition.

Starting Date: 01/09/2015- Ending Date: 31/08/2017
Active in: Bangladesh, Peoples' Democratic Republic of Lao, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Federal Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Donor: FAO
Sector: Zero Hunger Challenge

Support to employment creation in Mongolia (SECiM) Component 2: Piloting quality private sector work in selected livestock and vegetable value chains

Starting date: 01 Feb 2016 — Ending date:31 Jan 2020
Objectives: to contribute to inclusive and sustainable development in Mongolia through promotion of quality employment focusing on the non-mining sector; and
 to contribute to enable private sector job creation where Mongolia has potential comparative advantages.
Active in: Mongolia
Donor: European Union
Sector: Agribusinesses and agri-food chains

Empowering Women in Balochistan through Agri Entrepreneurship

Starting date: 03 Apr 2017 Ending date: 03 Apr 2019
Objectives: Profitable “enterprises”, owned by women, developed and strengthened in 7 Districts in Balochistan, thus enabling women to earn more money, reduce their daily workload and to invest their earnings by themselves to improve their living or to invest in their business.
Active in: Pakistan
Donor: Australia
Sector: Agri-business, Value Chains, support to innovations in rural services provision and infrastructure development

Australia Balochistan Agri-business Programme-Phase Two (AusABBA II)

Starting date: 07 Jul 2017 — Ending date: 30 Jun 2023
Objectives: People in South West Balochistan (Chagai, Kech, Kharan, Nushki, Pangjur and Washuk) will live more prosperous in a food secure environment. Women will be empowered to beneficially engage with their livelihood systems. Households will engage in agriculture livelihoods that enhance their productivity, food security and nutritional status. Commercial farmers will operate as agribusinesses and cooperate profitably and sustainable within selected agriculture value chains with public and private (market) actors.
Active in: Pakistan
Donor: Australia
Sector: Agri-business, agricultural livelihoods

Support for Enhancing Climate Resilient Agrifisheries in the Philippines

Start date: 01 January 2017— End Date: 30 Nov 2018

Objectives: The Project's overall objective is "Increase farmers' productivity and incomes and sustainable livelihoods through the use of Climate Resilient Agri-Fisheries strategies." Climate related disasters in the Philippines have a high impact on its agriculture sector. Recognizing the challenges and increasing climate risks facing the agriculture sector, the Department of Agriculture (DA) is pro-actively supporting climate resilient agriculture (CRA) as a strategic approach to promote adaptation and mitigation measures.
Active in: Philippines
Donor: Philippines
Sector: Climate, biodiversity and natural resources

Drought Forecast Based Financing for Food security, livelihoods and WASH in Vietnam

Objectives: This project aims to ensure that drought climatic forecasts and early warning are available to communities in a systematic way and trigger pre-defined early actions (for WASH and FSL) which can mitigate the impact of drought. It will also identify existing funding mechanisms that can be used to support the preparedness actions.

Starting Date: 12 Jul 2017 — Ending Date: 30 Sep 2018
Donor: European Union (90.0%)
Active in: Viet Nam
Sector: Enhancing resilience of communities to disasters, climate change and other threats

European Union Support to District Development Programme

Objectives: To contribute to poverty reduction in North and East Sri Lanka and to bridging the socio-economic gap with the rest of the country through supporting sustainable regional and local development and good governance in conflict-affected areas.

Starting Date: 01/07/2012 - Ending Date: 30/06/2017
Donor: European Commission
Sector: Good Governance