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Podcasts from around the region

If you are interested in learning about current issues in food security, nutrition, climate change and more in the Asia-Pacific region, listen to these interesting and informative podcasts.

Hear FAO officers share their experiences and expertise in conversation.

Podcasts from around the region

African Swine Fever spreads to the Philippines 09/2019

This "Target Zero Hunger" podcast summarizes recent developments in the spread of ASF to the Philippines and Myanmar and, recaps preventative measures to slowdown the encroachment of the disease in Asia.

Youth demand climate action  19/09/2019

Listen to the voices of world youth on their concerns about climate change and what they think should be done to prevent it and reverse it.

Managing drought in Pakistan 08/01/2019

Pakistan has the fourth-highest rate of water consumption in the world.  Rainfall has steadily declined over the past few decades and experts warn the country will approach “absolute scarcity” of water by 2025. In the village of Azizabad in Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province, farming communities are being hit hard by the lack of fresh water. The impacts of climate change are further intensifying the problem. But with support from UK Aid, the Food and Agriculture Organization has introduced a range of initiatives to build resilient farming systems in affected areas.

TZH 34 - Afghanistan: The forgotten crisis  26/11/2018

Afghanistan is experiencing a major crisis in the face of drought and conflict. Close to half of the country’s rural population is severely food insecure. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is calling for urgent help to support farmers with seeds and animal feed for the upcoming winter season.

TZH 10 - Trapped at Sea: The fight against slavery in the fishing industry


Follow us as we take a look at the darker side of seafood: slavery aboard fishing vessels. In this week's episode, we will hear from Rahat, a Thai fisherman who was caught at sea for years before he was finally rescued from an Indonesian island in 2015.

FAO assistance to conflict-affected communities in northern Rakhine, Myanmar


Three years on from significant outbreaks of inter-communal violence across Rakhine State, hundreds of thousands of people remain in need of humanitarian assistance. With a poverty rate of 78 per cent, Rakhine is one of the least developed areas of Myanmar. This audio recounts a livestock distribution programme.