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Connecting through our stories

FAO works to change the lives of people, to improve food security and nutrition for everyone. We are working with our member nations and to to improve the everyday lives, livelihoods of all persons, and the environments in which we live.

Visit this page to read the stories of some of those people whose lives and livelihoods have been improved by the work of FAO around the Asia-Pacific region.

One strange fish and three cheers for biodiversity:Conservation, development and profitability in Indonesia

How making cookies changed one Iranian woman’s life: Necessity led Fatemeh to discover her potential for business

Four major achievements in helping protect our oceans. This story celebrates encouraging results from the FAO-GEF Common Oceans ABNJ Program in Pakistan.

How one woman’s aptitude for farming inspired a whole community

Gul Bano is leading the way for women in Sindh, Pakistan, promoting new skills and livelihoods.

Pig farmers in Papua New Guinea capitalize on blockchain technology

FAO is creating a distributed ledger system – better known as a blockchain-based system – that can track livestock and allow consumers to buy with confidence by verifying the history of their pigs.

Renu Bala: watch this 1 minute summary of Renu Bala's contribution to developing a dairy cooperative in her village in Bangladesh.

A life’s dream, realized: Family farmer-turned-government expert helps other farmers

Meet a former farmer who uses drones to help other farmers in the Philippines

Acting early to save livelihoods in Mongolia: Stories from the Steppe

For centuries, Mongolians and their livestock have lived side by side on the vast steppe. But over the past two decades, climate change has put millions of livestock at risk.

#MountainsMatter: The site of ancient traditions and biodiverse crops

For food or tourism, heirloom products are providing farmers like Anna new opportunities.

Innovating for our future of food and agriculture: How innovations are helping bring the number of hungry down to zero

Here are five examples of how innovation is changing agriculture around the world, including one from India.

Keeping food histories alive: How Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems are preserving traditions

Tea terraces in China, Japan, the Philippines and Korea are recognized as GIAHS.

Changing climate, changing life: Story of Laxmi Sunar 

With changing weather patterns and extreme events, Nepal has been hit hard by climate change.

Connecting farmers with networks and new resources: How Bangladesh’s farmers applied lessons from abroad to challenges at home 

Abdul Jabbar, a farmer in Bangladesh, had an epiphany a few years ago. This is his story.

Persistence and profits pay off

Investing in female entrepreneurs improves livelihoods in Bangladesh.