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News & features archive, 2005

5 December 2005 - Chicken and other poultry are safe to eat if cooked properly, according to a joint FAO/WHO statement.
29 November 2005 - FAO today warned against culls of wild birds in cities in countries affected by bird flu, saying this could distract attention from the campaign to contain the disease among poultry.
9 November 2005 - A global meeting has identified key components of a global action plan to control avian influenza in animals and simultaneously limit the threat of a human influenza pandemic.
7 November 2005 - More decisive action must be taken by affected countries, civil society, the private sector and the international community to stop bird flu in animals, FAO said today.
28 October 2005 - FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf comments on how to stop bird flu.
27 October 2005 - FAO today expressed concern about general and pre-emptive bans on poultry imports adopted in response to avian influenza.
24 October 2005 - FAO will assemble an emergency team of experts in Indonesia to help the country embark on a new phase of the battle against avian influenza at source in poultry, the UN agency announced today.
19 October 2005 - After the confirmed outbreaks of avian influenza in Romania and Turkey, the risk of bird flu spreading to the Middle East and African countries has markedly increased, FAO warned today.
26 September 2005 - The global strategy for the control of avian influenza in animals remains largely under-funded despite important contributions pledged by some donors.
22 September 2005 - FAO is concerned about the spread of avian influenza in Indonesia and has offered further assistance to control the virus in the country.
31 August 2005 - The deadly strain of avian influenza that has hit several countries in Asia is likely to be carried along the flyways of wild water birds to the Middle East, Europe, South Asia and Africa.
6 July 2005 -- International animal and human health experts today unveiled a plan designed to reduce the risk of the H5N1 avian influenza virus spreading from poultry to humans and appealed for funds to make it work.
4 July 2005 - The bird flu situation in many Asian countries remains critical and requires more attention by affected countries and the international community.
25 April 2005 - The recent outbreak of avian influenza in North Korea has been successfully contained. FAO urged the country to continue surveillance to ensure that no residual infection remains.
30 March 2005 - FAO has sent a veterinary expert to North Korea to obtain further information on the extent of the current avian influenza outbreak in the country.
25 February 2005 -- An international conference on avian influenza in Asia has expressed major concern about the bird flu situation in the region.
23 February 2005 -- Containing the bird flu virus to the greatest extent possible and reducing the risk of infection in poultry and farmed free-range ducks will help to prevent a global human influenza pandemic.
1 February 2005 -- While bird flu continues to rage across much of Viet Nam this season, strenuously applied control measures seem to be working in Tien Giang province, one of the most severely hit provinces in the country.
1 February 2005 -- The new wave of Avian Influenza outbreaks in Viet Nam and Thailand clearly shows that the avian virus remains endemic in Asia and that affected countries need to do more to keep it under control, FAO and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said today in a joint statement.