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News & features archive, 2008

Indonesian media join the fight

19 December 2008, Jakarta - Established talents and rising stars from Indonesia's media celebrated the opening this week of an exhibition of work they had produced as part of a competitive media partnership project – Human Faces of Avian Influenza – organized by FAO and the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.
International community to draw on lessons from bird flu fight

24 November 2008, Rome - A fresh input of US$ 350 million to the international fight against highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) made the news when it was announced in Sharm El-Sheikh.
Indonesia, Viet Nam and Egypt among major beneficiary countries

11 November 2008, Rome - The United States will provide an additional $44.4 million in support of FAO's avian influenza control and prevention campaign, FAO announced today.
Experts call for better coordination between animal and public health sectors

05 November 2008, Rome - The call has gone out for the animal and public health sectors to work more closely together to minimize the ever-present threats of avian influenza and other animal-based diseases passing to humans.
FAO calls for increased surveillance

11 August 2008, Rome - A strain of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza previously not recorded in sub-Saharan Africa has been detected in Nigeria for the first time, FAO said today. Nigeria has recently reported two new Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza outbreaks in the states of Katsina and Kano.

23 July 2008, Vientiane - A major thrust in the fight to combat avian flu is to help prepare the people on the frontline to be able to respond quickly and effectively when an outbreak occurs. The frontline is almost always at local level, and the protagonists are inevitably poultry farmers and their communities, as well as local, district and provincial animal health workers.

23 June 2008, Kuala Lampur - The peak of the avian influenza crisis that has hit Asia hardest but also Africa and Europe is over but drawbacks and weaknesses continue in the fight against the disease, and this poses serious problems for global food security.
FAO - Conference debates translating research into policy

19 June 2008, Hanoi - Viet Nam should continue to vaccinate and the programme will probably be needed for the next three to five years or longer, even though this will be costly because it will have to be implemented on such a large scale.
FAO helping take bird flu lessons to Cambodian villages

18 June 2008, Phnom Penh -It is important for Cambodia to remain vigilant for possible re-occurrence of avian influenza, because the country shares borders with Viet Nam and Thailand where outbreaks of the pathogenic virus continued to occur, say the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Cambodia's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
New scientific findings published

26 March 2008, Rome - Ducks, people and rice paddies - rather than chickens - are the major factors behind outbreaks of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza in Thailand and Viet Nam, and are probably behind outbreak persistence in other countries of the region such as Cambodia and Lao PDR.
Joint fight against transboundary diseases

25 March 2008 - French veterinary experts will help FAO fight transboundary and other animal diseases under a partnership agreement signed here today.
High load of circulating virus could lead to mutation and a human influenza pandemic

18 March 2008 - The prevalence of avian influenza in Indonesia remains serious despite containment efforts undertaken by national authorities and the international community, FAO warned today. Indonesia is the country worst hit by avian influenza.
Virus under control in West Bengal - intensive surveillance required

27 February 2008 - India is to be commended for its successful efforts to control the recent worst-ever outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in the state of West Bengal, FAO said today. The agency warned, however, that intensive surveillance should continue in high-risk areas as the possibility of new outbreaks remains high.
Virus remains a global threat - disease control strongly improved

24 January 2008 - Recent avian influenza outbreaks in 15 countries demonstrate that the H5N1 virus remains a global threat and requires close monitoring and strong control efforts, FAO said today.

14 January 2008 - Dr Ilaria Capua, veterinary expert at the OIE Reference Laboratory for avian influenza, based in Padova, Italy, has won the " Scientific American 50" award, a prize awarded annually by this prestigious scientific magazine to researchers and firms around the world that have made a significant contribution to advances in the field of science, technology or economics.