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Telemetry studies

Nigeria Waterfowl

Last update: November 2009
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A collaborative team from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), U.S. Geological Survey (Western Ecological Research Center) and Patuxent Research Center, Wetlands International, A.P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute, the Swedish Ottenby Banding Station, the Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of the Environment investigated the migratory ecology of wild waterfowl in Nigeria. The Garganey (Anas querquedula) is considered a long-distant migrant, while in contrast the White-faced whistling duck (Dendrocygna viduata) and Spur-winged geese (Plectropterus gambensis) are African migrants. These species were selected to represent different scales of migratory movement with varying potential for the transmission of avian influenza.

The objectives of this research include 1) characterize the migratory movements of Garganey, White-faced whistling ducks and Spur-winged geese with satellite telemetry & 2) conduct avian influenza sampling and collect morphometric data from all birds captured during field activities.

Historical locations of migratory birds



For more details on the movements of these birds, please visit the USGS website

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