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Sept 2006,
Bird Flu Threat to Food Security
As FAO launches a new EU-funded project to study the impact of avian influenza in Nigeria, two professors of Environmental and Population Health at Tufts University in Boston, USA, have been collaborating with farmers in Indonesia on an early-warning and response program funded by USAID and executed by FAO. Listen to their views on avian influenza impact on economies and food security:

Dr. Christine C. Jost: Catastrophic impact of poultry losses on livelihoods and food security.   43 seconds

Dr. Jeffrey C. Mariner: Convincing farmers of the potential long-term effects on their economic activities.    30 seconds
Feb 2005,
Nov 2005,
Mr. Harry Paul, Director of Food Quality and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, The Netherlands, insists on a coordinated international cooperation against Avian Flu.
Sept 2005,
Ho Chi Minh City
Interview with Dr. Tuyen, Vice-Director, Center for Animal Husbandry Research and Technology Transfer.

The Center for Animal Husbandry Research and Technology Transfer which belongs to the National Institute of Animal Husbandry of Viet Nam produces ducklings and chicks and supplies the farmers in the southern provinces. Following last year's Avian flu epidemic, this duck and poultry breeding farm moved to 50 km away from Ho Chi Minh City so as to reduce further contamination and business risks. Dr. Tuyen is the Centre's Vice-Director and was recently interviewed by FAO's Peter Lowrey.