About the ABWG

The Aquatic Biofuels Working Group (ABWG), established in September 2008 as an exploratory initiative of the FAO Inter-Departmental Working Group (IDWG) on Bioenergy, is reviewing the state of knowledge in this field with a view toward its relevance and potential applications in developing countries. Following the review, FAO will consider how it might assist countries in promoting research and applications related to biofuel production from algae and fish waste as well as to exchange experiences and best practices.

The ABWG will seek to understand the current state of aquatic biofuels research and technologies and their relevance to being applied and managed in developing countries, taking into account investment and environmental issues. This may eventually involve facilitating linkages between regional organizations, private sector and governments as well as promoting a north-south and south-south collaboration.

The ABWG will disseminate knowledge about bioenergy production from algae and fish waste and its suitability in poor areas to improve energy access.  Where appropriate, this knowledge would be exchanged through networks to assist in further developing aquatic biofuels.


For enquiries regarding the FAO AquaticBiofuels Working Group activities please contact:

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