Policy instruments to promote good practices in bioenergy feedstock production March 2012

Modern bioenergy development, through its environmental and socio-economic impacts, may have positive or negative effects on the four dimensions of food security: availability; access; utilization, and stability.
In order[...]

Algal biorefinery-based industry: an approach to address fuel and food insecurity for a carbon-smart world September 2010

Food and fuel production are intricately interconnected. In a carbon-smart society, it is imperative to produce both food and fuel sustainably. Integration of the emerging biorefinery concept with other[...]

Current status and potential for algal biofuels production August 2010

It seems probable that growth in human population, future climate change effects on freshwater resources, which are already stressed in some regions, and eventual shortages of unutilized arable land[...]

Algae-based biofuels: applications and co-products July 2010

The possible competition for land makes it impossible to produce enough first generation biofuel to offset a large percentage of the total fuel consumption for transportation. As opposed to[...]

Algae biofuel - Special report June 2010

Algae Biodiesel:

answers from an Interview with OriginOil CEO Riggs Eckelberry.

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