HR passes algae biofuel tax bill October 2010

A bill meant to give tax breaks to companies working on algae feedstocks-generated biofuel has been approved by the US House of Representatives. The Algae-based Renewable Fuel Promotion Act (HR 4168) was sponsored by New Mexico Congressman Harry Teague and has a corresponding bill in[...]

Algae biofuels July 2010

Meeting the world’s growing energy demands will require a multitude of sources. Biofuel from algae could be a meaningful part of the solution in the future because of its potential as an economically viable, low emissions transportation fuel.  Together ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics, Inc. (SGI)[...]

A sea change for biofuels
: peak oil, fresh water shortages, and food challenges are driving innovations in aquatic feedstocks

 May 2010

As we enter a new decade in 2010, leagues of prescient scientists , businessmen, politicians, commodity traders, defense hawks, activists, NGOs and social entrepreneurs are taking on future challenges by invoking ancient wisdom. Necessity is the mother of invention.  A sea change is coming to[...]

Putting in a good word for algae February 2010

A European lobbying group weighed in Tuesday on a fierce debate over the environmental value of using algae to produce biofuels for vehicles.The group, the European Algae Biomass Association, said members of its scientific committee were “confident that the commercial production of algae biofuels can[...]

OriginOil to Collaborate in Algae to Jet Fuel Project Funded by Japan Science & Technology Agency December 2009

OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL) announced that the company has agreed to partner with Research Institute of Tsukuba Bio-Tech (RITB), recently approved for funding to develop algae to jet fuel applications by Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST). Headed by Tsukuba University professor emeritus and algae researcher[...]

Could cheap algae oil power our energy future? Production on land is expensive, but costs could go down if brought to sea November 2009

Although algae is currently the most energy-dense biofuel source, the cost of producing algae oil is prohibitively expensive.The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the biofuel would cost around $8 per gallon at the pump. Other experts have even projected prices of more than $50[...]

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