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This conference ran from March 20 - May 26, 2000.

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    How appropriate are currently available biotechnologies in the crop sector for food production and agriculture in developing countries

    The biotechnology industry has developed in a very short time period to become a multi-billion dollar industry providing products for the areas of human health care, industrial processing, environmental bioremediation and food and agriculture. It is an industry that has developed, been financed and is firmly based in developed countries (especially North America). Whereas public funding for agricultural research has stagnated or declined, the biotechnology industry has continued to invest heavily in agricultural research due to the large advances made in the area and the strengthening of intellectual property rights for biological materials.

    The biotechnologies used and developed by the industry reflect market realities and are used primarily to provide products for developed countries. The biotechnologies used for food and agriculture are no exception in this regard. In this e-mail conference we will discuss recently-developed biotechnologies that are currently available in the crop sector, in the context of how appropriate they are for food production and agriculture in developing countries.

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