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International control of foot-and-mouth disease: Tools, trends and perspectives
This is an Open Session of the Research Group of the European Commission for the control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EUFMD). Its aim is to review progress in technical issues affecting the international control of FMD and, in so doing, to highlight significant changes or issues that require to be recognised by those implementing control policies and funding research and development. In particular, the Session will look at recent progress in the development and application of risk assessment methods; of surveillance for FMD in the source countries; and of diagnostic tools and vaccines for routine and emergency application. Further, it will consider the international trends in these fields and the perspectives of suppliers and users. The EUFMD is a regional Commission established under the auspices of FAO in 1954.
16/10/2006 - 20/10/2006
Paphos. Cyprus
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