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Current and future genetic technologies for fisheries and aquaculture

As part of its Fisheries and Aquaculture Circular series, FAO has recently published “Current and future genetic technologies for fisheries and aquaculture: implications for the work of FAO”. Written by K.J. Friedman and co-authors, this 68-page publication offers insights into the likely implications of new genetic technologies on the fisheries and aquaculture sector over the next 10 years. Specialists in the fields of genetics, genomics, fisheries, aquaculture and conservation were interviewed in 2018-2019 and requested to articulate the expected changes, and the likely responses that FAO may consider. Expert responses were collated into four key thematic areas: fishery stock management; genetic improvement and domestication; trade, marketing and traceability; and biodiversity conservation and maintenance of ecosystem functions, in addition to the overarching theme of governance. The collation was returned to a subset of experts and FAO staff for further review, additional inputs and to refine the report. See or contact [email protected] for more information.