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FAO’s GLOBEFISH and Shanghai Ocean University team up to promote international fish trade

Group photo at Shanghai Ocean University with training workshop participants.
FAO’s GLOBEFISH coordinator, Marcio Castro De Souza, giving a workshop presentation on the overview of world fish market at Shanghai Ocean University.

Seafood products are among the most widely traded food commodities in the world. In 2016, seafood trade was valued at 143 billion. Global fish production is estimated to have increased by 2.1 percent, reaching a total of 178.8 million tonnes in 2018. In recent years, China has played an increasingly significant role in international trade of fish and fish products. Moreover, since 2002, China has been the world’s largest exporter of fish and fishery products.

FAO’s GLOBEFISH programme was established by the FAO World Fisheries Conference, which took place at FAO headquarters in Rome 27 June - 6 July 1984. The Conference was attended by 62 ministers responsible for fisheries, by delegates from 147 countries, by 14 representatives of the United Nations, by observers from 24 intergovernmental organizations and 29 international NGOs. The Conference set a strategy emphasizing the better use and management of the world's fishery resources, by stressing the importance of international cooperation and fundamental institutional change to reach this goal.

Since its establishment, GLOBEFISH has been heavily involved in facilitating international coordination and management in the area of post-harvest issues on fisheries and aquaculture and sharing knowledge on international fish trade and markets. 

An important aspect of GLOBEFISH activities is developing partnerships with regional and national institutions and organizations. A partnership with the Shanghai Ocean University has been one example of a successful collaboration. Founded in 1912 and formerly named Shanghai Fisheries University, Shanghai Ocean University features teaching and scientific research in the areas of fisheries and aquaculture. Since 2016, FAO GLOBEFISH and Shanghai Ocean University have been collaborating on joint research and publications, as well as fostering information sharing and knowledge exchange by promoting visits of expert and student internship programs.

This past May, FAO GLOBEFISH and the World Trade Organization (WTO) conducted a three-day training workshop (13-16 May 2019), by invitation of Shanghai University, focusing on trade aspects of fish and fishery products. The workshop was part of Shanghai Ocean University’s Marine Fisheries International Program – a training course aiming to connect leading fishery and aquaculture professionals from around the world. This year, 19 participants from 13 countries took part in the program.

In addition to the 3-day workshop, FAO’s Marcio Castro De Souza, GLOBEFISH Coordinator and Senior Fishery Officer and Weiwei Wang, FAO Fishery Officer, met with the president of Shanghai Ocean University, Chen Yudong, to explore ways to enhance their existing cooperation. Shanghai Ocean University has been working closely with FAO to promote talent development in the fields of global fisheries, processing, aquatic products, economy, and trade.

 “Access to information, particularly in fisheries, is a fundamental element to consolidate and reach new market opportunities for fish and fish products,” according to FAO’s Castro De Souza. “Fish trade is a complex issue, and initiatives like this workshop held at the Shanghai Ocean University, with the participation of many countries, is a concrete example of how the dissemination of information can play a key role in facilitating market access, contributing to a more transparent and fair trade”.

 “Since 2016, interns from Shanghai Ocean University have been providing invaluable support to the GLOBEFISH programme. The Internship Programme provides selected students with an opportunity to supplement their academic knowledge with a practical work experience in a field related to the work of GLOBEFISH. Former interns have assisted in raw data compilation on Chinese market access issues, editing of the Chinese Fish Price Report and translation of some sections of the GLOBEFISH website into Chinese”.

For more information on this event and GLOBEFISH services and cooperation with other organizations, please contact us at [email protected] and visit our website:

GLOBEFISH and World Trade Organization (WTO) representatives meet with Shanghai Ocean University president and senior officers to discuss future cooperation possibilities.


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